Transport Management

Student Alert Transportation Management keeps a track on transportation facilities of the organization and manages different data & functionalities to provide a better transportation service to students as well as employees. Transportation has become very important in each stage of human civilization. The world now we live in is most likely impossible without transportation facility. Likewise in Academic environment, transportation plays a remarkable role. Student Alert keeps a track of every data from vehicle number to travel routes so that students & employees do not face any complication regarding transportation. Student Alert increases the feasibility of transportation keeping every data up to date. With the automation in management, it becomes easy to access and manage the data without much effort.
  • Type of vehicle & number.
  • Routes taken by vehicle.
  • Vehicle timings.
  • Regular checking of availability of spare parts for vehicles.
  • Notification when a vehicle is late from its scheduled time.
  • Complete map structure of route.
  • Information of vehicle’s driver.

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