Most commonly asked questions

Here is the list of Questions which are commonly asked. Please refer the answers for immediate assistance. If you have further queries we will be happy to address your query.

We are happy with our current system, why should we automize our working?

Be updated.
Technology has changed everything, everywhere. Everything is changed.Technology has played an important role in every sector and eased the administration in all means to produce more output with less resource. All the dimension of the previous era is changed. Business pattern, Communication, Commerce, Arts, Media everywhere people are using latest technologies to acquire desired output. In education sector you can track your student within/outside campus through RFID and GPS, eliminate manual working with Bar-Code, reduce operational cost, visualize the current position of the schools with real-time Business Intelligence Reports. In the competitive edge has become essential to be updated with the technology to deliver best-in-class education.

How to evaluate the software? What to see in it?

Everything on screen has a meaning.
Student Alert is a web-based system. To evaluate the system in your organizational context you need to checkout the flexibility and scalability of Student Alert. You need to check whether Student Alert's course management module will serve your basic need? Whether your fee structure can be incorporated in Student Alert? Whether the format of SID (Student ID) is suitable for you? Whether Student Alert provides necessary modules as per your requirements? How System User Management module will restrict your user to access unauthorized activities and information. Checkout each modules you requires, it's functioning in your environment and its applicability in your organization. There are many more aspects which can be checked during demo session but our team will explain each and every aspect in-depth.

How to evaluate particular activity of the institute?

By keeping its records
Each and every activity in the institute does matter. Any institute gets benefitted by keeping accurate records of their activities. For example if any student is participating in any extra co-curricular activities, Student Alert’s event management module helps Institute to add entire information right from student’s participation to the final results of any completion, everything is well managed in Student Alert. Likewise, Fees Management, Examination management, Hostel Management, Transportation management etc are various other activities which can be evaluated by shifting towards paperless mode.

How you will provide the service support?

Through ticket based system
Generally, most of the support is required during the initial year. The one year free support will be provided on ticket based system. You will be given 30 tickets (non-carry-forward) to be used during the year. Afterwards, you can purchase tickets at some price per ticket having validity of two years. So, you can use the additional tickets in next two years. Service support includes first level of implementation and guidance to every software user. All the queries and concerns will be taken into account. Message communication, phone communication, mail, skype communication etc. are also to be facilitated.

What about up-gradation in future?

Change is inevitable
Change is a necessary thing in technology and so as we perform. Student Alert is flexible to adopt new technology and customization when needed. Vast amount of new features and functionalities are added every year which has always been beneficial for Education entities.

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