Time Table

Time-Table Generation is the major headache of any institution. With Student Alert you can easily prepare your time-table for different class and divisions. The students can also be divided in Batch / Division in academic management. Hence, Time-Table Management Module will enable you to create time-table for each division or batch.Time-table can be prepared in two ways: Hourly System (Lecture-Wise Time Table): This option is for institutions looking to maintain hour-wise (lecture-wise) attendance. This option will enable administrator to make the time table from available staff and subjects. Everything, teachers/professors name and subject list will be available in a drop-down list to select while preparing a time-table. So just few clicks and time table is ready. Daily System (Day-Wise Time Table): Generally this system is adopted at school level where once the student enters, he is not allowed to leave the school in between the school time. A student is not allowed to select the lecture he want to attend. All the subjects taught in the class room is compulsory for him. Unlike college, a student has to stay in the same class room for entire school time and teacher changes according to the subject. In this scenario, management can assume that once a student enters into the campus he should be present in all lecture and activities of the class-room. So the attendance can be taken at entry point of the campus.
  • Lectures timetable.
  • Exam timetable.
  • Timetable for academic staff.
  • Tasks & activities management.
  • Academic calendar.
  • SMS integration.
  • Increases organization’s efficiency.
  • Systematic planning.
  • Vanquishes human errors.
  • Reduces human efforts.
  • Eliminates traditional tedious scheduling.

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