Student Attendance

Student Alert will provide a Complete Attendance System. You can register the attendance of the student in two ways. One,as he enters the campus and second in each lecture he attends. Both system can be integrated to the RFID and Bio-Metrics devices. This module provides automated timekeeping and attendance tracking. Attendance records can be maintained through RFID or Bar-code. Every students/employees presence matters! A missed school day is a lost opportunity for student. Employees who show up for work on regular bases and give proper notice of absence are practicing good attendance. Manage the attendance of students from different disciplines of institutes on a single system and scrutiny the attendance process both for the students & employees. Module records daily attendance of students automatically so that educators do not need to waste their time doing administrative work. Module also allows you to generate various reports regarding attendance percentage as a part of disciplinary management and can differentiate between regular and irregular students in a matter of time.
  • Student wise summary of attendance.
  • Last attendance taken.
  • Date and lecture wise complete report.
  • Monthly report.
  • Subject topic wise reports.
  • Complete academic attendance.
  • Top Regular and Top Irregular students.

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