Hostel Management

Hostel Management by Student Alert facilitates hostel activities & it resources in order to provide better housing structure & residential facilities to students. Student Alert keeps a track of current as well as former students with their necessary details. It reduces the unnecessary work for warden/rector. Since many hostels are affiliated with respective colleges/universities, Hostel Management is very useful for these colleges/universities as well, to keep the record of students living in hostel and revive the data when needed. With Student Alert, administration is able to manage different functions of hostel and resources simultaneously with the use of integrated software and manage hostel of the organization in a sufficient way. Manually record keeping always has a possibility of error in maintenance. Using Student Alert, admin can get the exact data regarding particular activity or section of hostel whenever it is required.
  • Hostel information (name, type, location, etc.).
  • Hostel structure.
  • Fees structure & installments norms.
  • Fees reports.
  • Empty & allotted rooms management.
  • Room transfer.
  • Inbound-outbound attendance.
  • Students record register generation.
  • Hostel infrastructure.
  • Room & floor capacity.
  • Visitors record.

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