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Providing best quality education is the main objective of any academic institution. We believe that the management of the academics is even more important. The Student Alert provides you the easiest way to manage your academics. All academic management modules of Student Alert are integrated and interlinked. Starting from deciding the syllabus, Student Alert provides the teaching plan and curriculum management in best possible way. The syllabus can be divided in small portion to prepare a daily teaching plan for the faculties. Further the presentations or other material used in the class can be shared with the students through student-login of Student Alert which will create a e-Learning Resource Center. You can have different mode of teaching in your organization without collision. Student Alert support flexible course management where you can define your own structure of each program which will not affect another programs. Even in one program you can adopt completely different academic systems e.g. you can have two program of M.Sc. one in Semester System and another in Trimester System.
  • Define credits & weightage.
  • Syllabus arrangement according to institute working days.
  • Different syllabus segments for class tests & mid-sems.
  • Syllabus planning for short periods e.g. for a day, week, month, etc.
  • e-learning resource centre for students.
  • Notes, files, documents, hyper links, videos, etc. can be shared.
  • Automated workload generation on daily basis.
  • 24x7 access.
  • Systematic planning & execution.
  • Real time integration.

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