Certificate Generation

Institute need to maintain each and every record of student during the course. During the study, student ask for various certificates as an Identity Proof or Authentication. Once student is enrolled in the institute Student Alert will start keeping track of each certificate given to the student. Students asks for various certificates during their study e.g. Bonafied, Transcript, Syllabus Certificate etc... for different reasons like Higher Education, Higher Studies or Claiming Benefits form the Government. Providing different certificate to the students and maintaining records for received applications and issued certificates is a bit tedious task for the administrative office. Moreover, some certificates requires certain criteria to be fulfilled before issuing it. While some certificates requires to be issued for a specific number of time in a year or entire curriculum. Certificate Management Module of Student Alert enables Administration to maintain these records with ease. The format of the certificate is kept dynamic. The administrator has to once set the style of the certificate and incorporate all the necessary details in the format itself. Just like mail-merge, Student Alert will generate each certificate with given student ID as per the format specified. All major certificates are included in this module. Student Alert can also provide additional certificates if required.
  • Easy to issue & manage different kind of certificates.
  • Flexible interface to form a certificate.
  • Keeps a track of students’ details in a systematic way.
  • Accurate data included in certificate.
  • Unique number for each certificate for easy reference.
  • Reduces human efforts.
  • Thus, makes it even easier to prepare a format of different certificates.
  • Provision of generating a new certificate from the system itself.

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